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“I have had the sincere pleasure of having Maria and her team clean my house for over 4 years now. Besides being one of the kindest, dearest people I know, Maria is a true professional. She has never been late or not shown up. She has given me extra help when needed. She is absolutely thorough and treats my home like I am the most important client she has - always doing her best. Furthermore, the friends I have recommended her to, all say the exact same things. I recommend Maria and her team most enthusiastically!”

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“Maria and her team are outstanding. We were extremely happy with her services. Her team came in and completely packed our house for moving in one day. It was a really big job and we couldn't have gotten out of the house without her. I would recommend her without hesitation. We were so happy with her services that we are going to have her clean our new house on a regular basis.”


“Cleaning Solutions Specialists came to my home and cleaned from the attic to the basement. They cleaned everything, in great detail, and did an excellent job. Not only did they clean, they put things in order. Because of the cleaning provided, my house was immaculate in appearance. As a realtor I know the value of a clean and orderly house. I highly recommend Cleaning Solutions Specialists.”

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Clean office


“Had Maria and her team in today to deep clean my condo. Believe me when I tell you these folks are all about doing a good job. Good old fashioned hands and knees floor cleaning, windows, baseboards, the works. It seemed like my home was instantly transformed one room at a time. Now mind you, it wasn't that my home was filthy but it needed a deep clean not just the weekly dust and mop. They were very, very thorough as furniture was moved, mattresses lifted, blinds cleaned, etc.

I am very pleased and will definitely have Maria and her team out on a regular basis to help keep my home clean.”

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